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Key to Comments

  • [ads] site carries high level of advertising.
  • [pop] site has pop-up advertising.
  • [zzz] site was slow to load
  • [£] site requires paid subscription

Some of the web sites listed on these pages have one or more of these comment marks noted against them.

The comments are not intended to be rigorous. They are merely a personal opinion of the site. We think they are helpful guide to the nature of the site.

In general we try to avoid listing these types of site. However it is sometimes difficult to find pertinent information on particular subjects and we believe the reference material on these sites outweigh the minor annoyances.

Please remember sites change their content and nature regularly so the comment may not reflect your experience.

Let us know if you think we are being unfair to any particular site or conversely tell us of any site you believe should be commented.

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